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>> in the news this saturday morning, november 12th, police hand out eviction notices to occupy oakland protesters coming out at frank ogawa plaza. a twelve-year-old skateboarder is schedule and an 8-year-old seriously injured after being hit by a garbage truck in va lay hoe. >> good morning, foggy in some spots, but the sunshine will return for everyone today. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. the city of oakland is once again telling occupy protesters it's once again time to get out. that's after a fatal shooting thursday night. the mayor said the safety risks are too great. >> we are asking the campers to leave the plaza now and to leave peacefully. >> police handed out these final eviction notices at occupy oakland last night, but so far no one is budging. >> why don't you guys just peacefully leave? >> why should we? >> meanwhile a former marine
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injured during a previous clash between protesters and police is now out of the hospital. scott olsen is still unable to talk, but he communicates with texts and e-mail. other veterans support the occupy movement. abc7 news has more. >> about 30 veterans from iraq, afghanistan and vietnam spoke to the camp. they came to protest the injuries they say their fellow veterans received from police while trying to protest peacefully last week. >> they have been brutally attacked by police in oakland during recent action reese late today occupy oakland. >> they led the peaceful walk. they chanted "end the war" and "tax the rich" and when they arrived at the police headquarters they yelled "stop streeting veterans."
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they said camping here is illegal, as well as denying free access. they took the warning in stride. >> they gave us several notices and they gave as you two-hour warning. when the two-hour warning comes from the police department then we can worry about a raid. >> mayor quan release add white dove. she said the fatal shooting near the plaza is another example of violence caused by the occupy camp and another reason why it has to go. >> we are asking the campers to leave the plaza now and to leave peacefully. we are asking the community here today to ask the faith community to help me work to talk to the people at the plaza to see if we can do this as a city. >> the city may have to go it alone as far as help from other agencies are involved. the sergeant said the the alameda county sheriff's department will not respond to another call for mutual aid. >> it is designed for emergency
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and this is no longer an emergency when you have allowed people to come in there and camp out. >> the sheriff's department said if oakland wants to hire its officers to clear the plaza, it will cost $1,000 per officer. an occupy spokesperson we spoke to said if the plaza is cleared again, they will just bring the tents back in. abc7 news. >> as for thursday night's fatal shooting near the occupy oakland camp, police have released descriptions of two suspects. one who spent a lot of time at the camp. an african-american man in his 20s, no one as alex, was shot after a confrontation between two groups. he died at the hospital. the first is described as an african-american with short hair, 20, 25, about 5ed, 150 pounds, last seen wearing a white t-shirt. they said he was a regular. the second is african-american, 20 to 30, 5'9" to 5'11", did 250 pounds with long dreadlocks with red tips. he may also have a tattoo on the
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back of his neck and seen wearing a block hooddy. >> a spokesman for u.c. berkeley said the police will investigate a response to occupy cal protest. they show police grabbing an english professor by the hair and shoving her toward waiting officers. a student was also thrown to the ground. seven protesters were arrested for resisting and delaying officers. the video is from the online newspaper, the bay citizen. >> a young skateboarder is dead and another seriously injured after being hit by a garbage truck in law lay hoe. take a look at the scene. officers say the boys were sitting on a skateboard riding down the street. they ended up underneath the recology va -- garbage truck and run over. two cars went off the road in separate incidences hours apart. it was at mt. diablo.
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one with deadly results. the first happened before noon before the south gate. the driver did not survive. then as abc7 reports, four hours later another car went off the road just a mile away. >> sky 7 looks over the black land rover that plunged a couple hundred yards across the road and landed in a ravine. >> we found the victim of the crash probably about 70 yards up from the car. she had been thrown clear of the car and she was pronounced dead on arrival. >> hours later a second crash just a mile or two from the first. >> apparently somebody lost control, went off the road a steep embankment about 50 feet down and ran into a tree. >> this driver survived and called 911. both crashes were in an area the chief said isn't typically that dangerous because the speed limit is about 20 miles an hour. so was it the weather? >> the first one we got the call just before noon and it was pretty clear other than raining. the second call, as i was driving up, it was foggy and
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overcast. but it blue away or the helicopter wouldn't be able to land there. >> the helicopter drove the second driver to the hospital to be checked out. as for the woman who died, chp isn't releasing her name as they work to notify her family. >> abc7 news. this morning penn state plays it's first game without legendary head coach joe paterno. a canned light vigil was held in support of the victims in the child sex abuse scandal. it's forced out the university's president, as well as paterno. it was in stark contrast to wednesday night's violent presentation in support of paterno where police used pepper stray to break up the protests. >> this morning wilson ramos is safe. ramos was kidnapped at gunpoint
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three days ago in venezuela. he was found in the mountains of central venezuela. three men are in custody in connection with the kidnapping. >> coming up next, the bay area's exploding gang problem. even our smallest cities aren't safe but one community has found a new way to fight back. and pg&e gets ready to retest a segment of pipeline that burst during safety testing just last
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> the growing gang problem in the bay area is hitting some of the smallest communities hardest of the one is south san francisco as abc7's vic lee reports. the city is fighting back with a special gang unit. >> it was a friday night on the east side of south san francisco. this is gang turf. the officers had just arrived on a routine patrol when two shots rang out. >> we will start filtering out here. we have a couple shots being fired. >> the sergeant danny gil heads the newly formed neighborhood response team. officers assigned full time to fight a gang problem in this city. the gun shots tell you just how bold gangs have become. >> it could have been just the
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gangsters letting us know that they know we are here or a warning, this is our turf, not yours. >> the shots were fired near a small park where a december gang shooting left three people dead and three others wounded. >> this area here is a gang that claims the color red. >> the arch enemy wears blue but as the violence continues, the colors are beginning to blur. >> what we are seeing is a lot of red on red rivalry, where it is not usual. >> can you clear the channel? >> officers encounter half a dozen suspected gang members a couple of streets down. this man had been arrested before for carrying weapons. he is now on probation with gang enhancements. >> that means he can't wear any gang clothing, can't hang out with gang members. >> as night falls they make more stops on suspected gang members. these two were arrested after police stopped and searched
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their car. they found drugs and a baseball bat between the front seats of the car and a switchblade. >> that's not legal. >> no. he's going to jail. >> for many stopped their attire is a dead giveaway. red shoes, red caps. some are more creative. there's red underwear. this man had tiny red stitches on his shirt, and warnings about wearing colors have become a mantra to the cops. >> when they come out looking for trouble, they aren't going to ask questions. they just start blasting. you know how it is. it is different now. >> routine patrols they want gangbangers to know they are always around. jose has been with the gang since he was 14. he's now enrolled in the jericho problem, a gang intervention program. he said gangbangers are becoming younger and younger.
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they want carry guns, to wear tattoos and hang out with the bigger:and be popular. it is growing draw i've seen a little kid 12 years old carrying a gun. >> to counter that, his team attends community meetings, parents nights and afterschool programs. >> a system of homework, mathematics, reading, and we will also participate in game play such as air hockey or foosball, whatever. >> since the neighborhood response team was formed in february, they have made 200 arrests and confiscated some 15 guns. vic lee, abc7 news. >> pg&e plans to retest a pipeline that burst during similar testing last week. it sent mud and water gushing down a hillside, shutting down northbound lanes for a time on 280. the crews have cut out the damaged section of pipe and replaced it. if it does well during high
6:14 am
pressure tests today they will fill it in and seal it up. they are testing pipeline in response to last year's explosion in san bruno. >> a structure eight and one quarter mile long with not one inch allowed for mistakes. >> today the 75th anniversary of the bay bridge. and it opened in 1936. it was the longest bridge in the world at that time and it is still one of the busiest. it is behind us just about at all times on abc7. 75 years old and looking good. >> it is. some clouds around this morning reducing visibility, not really. the rain has ended and so we are looking at a pretty good afternoon with increasing sunshine. but a look right now at the bridge and you will notice that we are still waiting on the sun to come up another 30 minutes or so and then sunny and milder weather, but for how long? i will let you know next. >> also college basketball season is here. the cal bears open at home with some expectations. larry beil coming up in this morning's sports.
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>> change in the weather can be a good thing. >> especially when it felt like it would never end yesterday. >> not heavy rain but just enough to keep it wet. >> persistent, dull, dreary. it's over! we have sunshine to look forward to. no new snow here but it is snowing in southern california. the mountains of southern california. mixed precip around mammoth. no new snow for the sierra nevada at least through friday of next week. and back home we are talking about cloudy condition all across the bay area. in fact, with some of the moisture left over from yesterday's rain, we are talking about fog in some spots as well. won't last too long. 52 in oakland. good morning, san francisco. delays of 35 minutes at sfo. 51 mountain view in san jose. upper 40s by the delta and los
6:19 am
gatos this morning. where is the reduced visibility? mainly near the shoreline. half moon bay. looking good at mountain view and san jose but at times the visibility dipped below five miles in the livermore valley. keep that in mind. once the sun comes up in the next hour or two, we will again the evaporation process and we will look for sunny skies. another weak system passes us to the north and dry and mild into early next week. here's a loop what is going on across the state. here's the weather system that brought the rain yesterday. in southern california it's raining right now in los angeles. association side and some snow in the higher elevations." so they will be looking at a cool and gray day here while the rain continues to taper off around the central coast. what is left is the cloud cover in its wake. we are talking about a northwesterly flow clearing us out today and the weak system tomorrow giving us a few higher clouds and maybe a shower in the
6:20 am
sierra nevada. but we are talking dry. higher pressure builds in almost all of next week. 55 in yosemite today with 56 in fresno. look to the low and mid-60s from southern california. rain san diego. vegas cool. back home talking numbers a couple degrees below average with 63 santa clara. nice day cupertino at 64. a bright day today at the coast. 63 redwood city. san francisco low 60s for you under partly cloudy skies. even in the richmond, the sunset are district, it will be brightening up. may take a little while. in the north bay 56. bodega bay. and the dryer air here. you should reach 63 in napa. union city and fremont, upper 50s. 6 to berkeley today and out over the hills we are talking about numbers on the cool side. definitely brighter and a
6:21 am
pleasant afternoon in danville. 63 dublin. down by the monterey bay we are talking 60 there and clearing will be a little later here. here's the look ahead. temperatures will stay fairly cool at the coast. i think tuesday and wednesday will be the warmest days where highs will climb from the mid-to upper 60s. between now and even thursday we are talking dry, patchy morning fog and then next system looks once again very cold and with the wet weather in time for perhaps next weekend. >> thanks a lot. in sports, oregon hosts stanford. word stanford students were lining up at 3:30 this morning to be on espn's game day show. that is spirit. cal plays at at&t. last night the bear's men's basketball team got into action. larry beil has this morning's sports report.
6:22 am
>> the cal bears tipped off the new season at home last night against the anteaters of uc irvine. mike montgomery and the bears ranked 24th in the country coming in. cal off to a good start. he pops for three of his 11. he had 7 assists here to justin from downtown. cal shot the three ball very well. 47%. cal shot the three ball very well. this is murray from deep. optimum is high with the starters back. it's the jumper. more from him down the lane. alan crab had 26 to lead the way, the bears win it. 77-56. stanford opens with 92-62 over central arkansas. number five stanford women in air opener. cardinals led by five at the break. she had 16 points and 14 boards. ten on the offensive glass.
6:23 am
stanford wins 72-59. back to the men because this was such a cool venue. north carolina and michigan state on an aircraft carrier. an awesome scene in san diego on veteran's day. talk about a different kind of background for the shooters. spectacular sunset. you saw the president and mr. obama a huge hoops fan. dexter strickland, the deal. here the steal and big john hanson. he's an aircraft carrier by himself. carolina is victorious, 67-55. real stanford football fans, the diehards, will be on campus early this morning. they may be there right now because college game day kicks off their broadcast. they go from six to nine a.m. and count it down to tonight's clash with oregon. the biggest game of the week in the country. it's like a concert tour as the show goes on the road every week to the campus hosting the biggest game on the schedule. a couple weeks ago, lee danced in a costume, picking the cardinals to beat usc.
6:24 am
more seriously here is how the oregon coach plans on slowing down andrew luck. >> do you have a preference to have him out in space. >> i would like him to be in souther space, if we could get that taken care of, put him in a rocket and send him to the moon for the weekend. he can do it all. 6'4", 230 pounds. he's really, really athletic. >> you can watch stanford and oregon 5:00 p.m. see if the cardinals stay on track for a possible national title game appearance. all the highlights live from stanford in after the gamal 8:30. to the pros. the 49ers are 7-1. they still have some questions, how good are they really? tomorrow they meet the giants. a clash of teams at candlestick. the giants escaped foxboro last week in a last minute victory. eli manning having one of the best years of his career. showing he is one of the elites in the nfl. and giants probably the best team the niners will face so far this season. >> eli is playing very good and
6:25 am
johnson is playing really good. they have a good defense and offense. their offense and we certainly are going to be challenged. it's going to be a good game and we are looking forward to it. >> down under, round 3 of the australian open. a stroke and just imploded. started with three straight bogeys. on 11 he's erased. irate. the tee shot ends up way out of bounds. he's 3 over with a 75. >> six back. his old caddie with scott. shot of the day. eagle, zipping back in the hole. john senden, the aussie rolls in a long birdie on 18 to cap off a 63. he is your leader by a stroke heading to the final round. that is a rap on morning sports. one more reminder, stanford and oregon right here, 5:00 p.m. on abc7. have a great weekend, everybody! i'm larry beil. >> next at 6:30. >> are you ready to pay more at
6:26 am
the gas pump? i'm in sacramento. a preliminary report said the state needs more than $500 billion for transportation needs through 2020. it says it may be time to raise the gas tax. >> also, abc7s cheryl jennings has the story of a young man who turned tragedy into triumph. he's making the world a safer place in a very real way.sssx
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>> welcome back. >> president obama is in hawaii this morning for a day of crucial diplomatic talks with the leaders of russia, china and japan before hosting the asia pacific cooperation economic summit. he arrived in honolulu. the president's home state is hosting the 21-nation apec summit. eight member countries are involved in an ambitious plan to establish a free trade zone. before leaving the aircraft carrier in san diego last night, president obama recorded his weekly address in meeting the economic needs of veterans. >> i called on congress to pass a returning hero's tax credit and a returning warriors tax
6:30 am
credit. on wednesday i was pleased to see congress put partisanship aside and came together to pass these tax credits. >> his trip will take him also to australia and indonesia before returning to washington a week from tomorrow. >> there's a new move to boost the taxes you pay every time you fill up. a new state report shows we are hundreds of billions of dollars short when it comes to fixing our roads. capital correspondent nannette miranda reports it's a funding gap that could delay more than 3,000 safety improvements. >> i have tire damage. >> whether it's road conditions -- >> there are a few potholes along the way. work needs to be done. >> or traffic jams. >> it's growing. i think pretty soon we will be like l.a. >> motorists know it's rough to drive in the state. a new preliminary report by the california transportation commission revealed it will take more than $500 billion through 2020 to maintain crumbling roads, outdated freeways and public transit.
6:31 am
the problem is we will barely have half the money. we are looking at close to $300 billion that we don't know where it is going to come from to address those needs. >> transportation leaders say it's time to look at raising the gas tax, which is currently 18 cents a gallon for the state. another 18 cents for the feds. it hasn't gone up since 1994. at the very least, some experts say, it should increase with inflation. >> when you look at not having raised the gas tax and you look at the fact the cost of building is more than doubled since then, the relative value of that gas tax is really, really declined. >> but with high gasoline prices and tough economic times still gripping consumers, most voters and polititions are reluctant to approve tax hikes. >> i think what we are hesitant about is it really being levied to fix that problem or spore something else? >> they ought to look at other means. gas is already overtaxed.
6:32 am
>> without a funding increase, some fear the transportation system in california could collapse. >> our infrastructure is why we are the state we are, why we have the economy we do. without it we are just like another third world nation. >> but there might be some signs that sentiments are changing. tuesday's elections saw about 80% of local majority vote tax measures related to schools passed throughout california. abc7 news. >> an isreali boy was in the bay area for veteran's day come memorial rations to talk about why his own wound is changing history. he lost a leg to a landmine last year while playing in a field with his brother and sisters. here's cheryl jennings with daniel's story >> i do everything. >> you can jump? >> this twelve-year-old is not shy about showing his prosthetic
6:33 am
leg. >> i not so good like my real leg, but it's good. >> he was fitted for the prosthetic after his leg was blown off by a landmine february 6, 2010. he had been playing with his brother and three sisters in the snow on a family outing in the golan heights. they didn't know he was in an unmarked land field. daniel was 11 at the time and his sister was 13. she was badly wounded by shrapnel. >> it was terrible expense and it is not -- it shouldn't happen to other children or men or ladies. >> i remember every detail from this day. >> still i lost my leg. then my sister, she's blind. >> i open my eyes and like nothing. >> it must have been so scary. >> yes.
6:34 am
and i am hearing screams and like i didn't know what to do. to go, to stay? >> i remember she was always daniel, daniel, are you okay? are you okay? >> their little brother was eight at the time. he wasn't hurt, but was traumatized. >> landmines i want gone. >> you want them gone. >> no more. >> they came by abc7 tv as soon as they got off the plane from israel to tell their story. their travels are being documented by an isreali media company. we learned there maybe up to 1 million landmines in israel, including the holy land. daniel met a landmine survivor and this organization shortly after the landmine incident and they formed a pack to raise awareness. heidi and jerry along with the u.s. state department took a bus load to see the landmine fields.
6:35 am
there is an effort to remove them in war-torn country. >> i believe no mother should have to take off the limb of their child to tuck them into bed. daniel and his big sister even talked with the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. eventually a bill was there to clear the landmines. >> and we will get the money to do a peace walk in israel. >> in 2025 we will see a mine-free world. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> lisa is here with a tees of the forecast. >> yes, what i do best. you know, beach day, thinking about it? >> beach day? >> no, not really. >> i wasn't yesterday. >> well, today a little bit more likely. it will be sunny and cool. we are taking you down to santa cruz. it's cloudy right now. the sun will be out, but temperatures in the low to
6:36 am
mid-60s. yes, an improvement from yesterday but when will we see the sun in i'll tell you coming up. >> also ahead, the silent killer that hangs over west africa. carolyn john's journey of hope to sierra leone and a promising
6:37 am
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>> lisa joins us now. looking out we have some overcast. let me turn it over to her. >> we are trying to look for some sunshine. we around going to find it this morning. it will have to happen later on this afternoon. it's snowy looking in the sierra nevada. they picked up a couple inches with the past system. some resorts are reporting a base of a foot not from the last system but from the past month or so. just two to three inches with yesterday's rainmaker.
6:40 am
so that's a look at heavenly, and sunshine on the way back home. it's dry at golden gate bridge w we have fog in parts of the bay, but the rain has ended. anywhere from a half-inch in san francisco to a couple hundredth in the livermore valley. still some showers around the santa cruz mountains and south. we will show you that in a moment. 49 in fairfield. 50 redwood city. 35 minute delays at sfo. six mile visibility from concord to livermore. the airport is a little better but the coast is not as good. we will look for the sunshine, though, to work its way into the bay as that warmer air and dryer air descends over the bay area today. turning our skies sunny. then with the weak system headed our way tomorrow we will be back to partly cloudy license conditions. dry and filed weather looks like right through thursday but after that we are talking another cold
6:41 am
and wet system perhaps headed our way the end of the week. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. the rain is way south of the bay, even around the southern san joaquin valley. we have windy conditions. if you are headed into southern california, keep that in mind, a rainy day in san diego with vegas only in the low 60s. here's a a look at the radar composite. you will notice northern california dry but there are some clouds around. a weak northwesterly winds today will work to bring us more sunshine, but there is yet one more system that will bring a few more clouds our way tomorrow. 56 in fresno. the wet weather from probably east of big sur southward today. 55 in yosemite and look for mid-60s sacramento. 64 campbell. the peninsula brightening up today. it was cold and damp yesterday but 62 from san matejio and 63
6:42 am
menlo park. upper 60s at the coast and the sunset district. 61 downtown. in the north bay look for 64 santa rosa. 57 in clear lake with low 60s from berkeley to union city today. newark 62. as you head inland, low 60s. but what a strayed off, some sunshine today and in the days ahead we see slightly warmer numbers. 64 walnut creek. monterey bay, you are dry with a little fog and a few peaks of sun. later on hollister will be mostly sunny and 64. not much of a change from today to tomorrow. wednesday patchy morning fog. a really nice looking five days ahead. but if you want the snow and rain, looks like that will come our way, too, by thursday and friday. >> thanks very much, lisa. something that's a nuisance in california is a killer in much of africa.
6:43 am
mosquitoes carry malaria, the leading cause of death in sierra leone. the problem is particularly severe among children. research that began here in the bay area is offering new hope to the west african nation. here's the assignment 7 report with carolyn johnson. >> the bush country of sierra leone is wildly beautiful. hovering in the background is a silent killer, mosquitoes that carry a deadly form of malaria in the surrounding villages. the disease hits young children especially hard. >> do you worry about malaria and illness? >> i worry about it, yes. >> they are concerned for their son, sammy. >> but he hasn't had it yet? >> he don't get malaria.
6:44 am
>> try it. can you turn it on? >> with the help of a flashlight, sammy and his family took us inside their darkened hut and showed us the torn mosquito net that they all sleep under every night. it offers little protection because of the hole. if a child does develop malaria, immediate treatment can mean the difference between life and death. >> it's the number one killer for those under five. >> this doctor trained at the san francisco's trauma institute, learning the latest techniques for healing fractures but most of the children are suffering from extreme complications from malaria. families often don't reach the emergency hospital until the symptoms are already severe. >> they are rushed in gasping, requiring urgent blood transfusions. >> but help could soon be on the way from the bay area. a berkely researcher has developed a synthetic farm of the most commonly used malaria
6:45 am
drug. in partnership with "one world help" and the bill and melinda gates foundation, they use biology to produce it from the bacteria e. coli in huge brewery-type tanks. >> the goal is to stabilize the supply and eventually lower the price substantially. >> he believes the price could eventually drop from several dollars a dose to about 25 cents and could be widely available as early as next year. back in sierra leone, clinics scramble to treat the children who are diagnosed like aid groups work to educate families on prevention. >> we work with the government, and millions of vaccines have been distributed. >> while the efforts may take years to pay off, people are hoping sierra leone will join the growing list of countries the growing list of countries
6:46 am
that have eradicated malaria. >> abc news is partnering with the challenge. it's to link millions of americans with millions of moms to effect change. learn how you can make a difference. go to abc7 don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> a couple pays more than $60,000 for long-term care insurance, and when they need it it doesn't pay until i get involved.
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>> there's the birthday bridge. the bay bridge turning 57 years of age today. to me it doesn't look a day over 72 just from this angling. happy birthday to the bay bridge. all right. if you or a loved one want to be prepared for the senior years you may be considering long-term care insurance. but are the policies worth the expense? one couple had trouble getting their benefits so they turned to 7 on your side's michael finney, not once, but twice. >> the last time we saw beverly joe, she was fighting to get her husband's long-term care insurance company to pay for his long-term care. now she's fighting again. >> they give me all this trouble, taking their time. >> her husband suffered a stroke that left him disabled. however, they planned for this, purchasing a long-term care policy back in 1996. it was expensive, up to $534 per month.
6:50 am
now beverly figured it would pay off. however, when she filed a claim for home nursing, she found benefits did not come easy. >> they kept on writing me and telling me, no, we can't pay you that much. >> the company declined to pay the full benefit. so 7 on your side contacted her carrier, senior health insurance of pennsylvania, known as ship. they reviewed the claim again and in the end ship did pay her an additional $4,092 in benefits. beverly was relieved. but months later found herself fighting the company again. >> they take their sweet time and try to put obstacles in your path. >> jack wound up in a nursing home and then she filed another claim. >> they sent me all the papers, which was a claim form, and i filled them all out. >> but ship said it wasn't enough information. the nursing home did provide more data, but the insurance company said, still not enough. >> they said you only sent six pages, and they actually want 35 pages.
6:51 am
>> beverly said she and the nursing home never received a clear idea what information the company wanted, just this letter saying their time was running out. >> we can't hold this claim forever. so the deadline is october 28th. >> the letter said without that extra data, we will be unable to pay your claim. one day before the deadline she contacted 7 on your side again and again we contacted the company. soon beverly got the good news. >> the senior healthcare called and said we received all the information in one day. >> ship agreed to process her claim and soon after sent her this check for $7,000. the company said the requested information was finally received on october 27th, 2011. ship never denied his eligibility. however, a claim was denied because we could not ride the dates of service. >> i am really thankful to 7 on
6:52 am
your side. all i do is call you and right away you do something about it. >> before you buy a long-term insurance policy, go to the website of the california department of insurance. it posts a track record of many of the major companies. we will hook you up at i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, the hair revival. ♪ this is the dawning of the age of aquarius ♪ >> don sanchez goes back in time on a magic bus.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night, 2, 16, 22, 29, 50 and the meganumber 27. nobody got them all. tuesday's night's jackpot is estimated at $30 million. the revival of the rock musical "hair" is at the golden gate theatre. it's about war protests and counterculture. yesterday they hopped on the magic bus for a trip back in time. don sanchez went along for the ride.
6:56 am
♪ this is the dawning of the age of aquarius, the age of aquarius ♪ >> they are the songs that have become anthems in the era of tie-dye, dropouts and revolt of 1967. while the national tour is in san francisco, the cast took the opportunity to find san francisco's 1967 roots. >> would you like flower? you're welcome. >> taking it to the streets, meeting the public. and a lot of flowers in your hair. the message of the show was groundbreaking 44 years ago. it seems to echo in today's occupy protests. >> fighting for equality and, you know, to have your voice heard. >> they are on a city tour in the magic bus. as they see the sites, the bus becomes a traveling movie theatre. ♪ all you need is love
6:57 am
>> not a "hair" song. to experience their roots there's only one place this tribe can go. here is the epicenter of san francisco, the way it was in 1967. a chance for the actors to experience what they interpret on stage. where their presence might have gone. initial reaction? >> just, you know, it's a lot trendier here, i know. >> a break for the actors in a show that requires energy. not quite like it was in 1967. >> in the '60s it was a little more laid-back, really like really chill because that's what the feeling was. we brought a little bit of '90s punk rock to it. ♪ where's the sunshine >> lefting the sunshine in. hair" plays through november 20th. abc7 news. >> lisa today, will they let the sunshine in? >> yes, absolutely. we are counting on it. i'm counting on it. you should count on it because
6:58 am
the weather system that brought us the rain yesterday, it is in southern california so we've just got clouds left over, some airport delays. 61 san francisco, 63 fremont, livermore and san jose with numbers in the low 60s coast side, monterey. and day-to-day numbers will warm up, especially midweek. we are staying dry through thursday, then maybe some rain and cooler temperatures. >> all right. thanks for joining us from the abc7 saturday morning news. next newscast at 8:00 this morning. keep track of latest breaking news at abc7 news bay area and news at abc7 news bay area and have a
6:59 am
♪ i think i'll grab me a bowl and spoon now ♪ ♪ crispy flakes calling my name ♪ ♪ yaaaaaaay! honey bunches of oats. four grains come together for nutrition in perfect harmony with great taste. honey bunches of oats.

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